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~*Your Character*~
Name: Warren Peace
Canon: Sky High
Series: Film
Apperance: Warren Peace is a strong looking teenager, with dark brown/black hair with red streaks throughout. He also has flame tattoos circling his wrists.
Personality: Warren is, for the most part, a natural loner. This is due to his parentage, something of which deeply irritates him. He has a desire to downplay his father's reputation, determined that it will not become his. However, this does mean when his father is mentioned, he quickly looses his temper, and thus is mostly likely to be considered a villain. When someone gets to know him, and even befriend him (it does happen, though rarely) they will find him to be well spoken, and intelligent. He can speak Chinese, and is well read. He also has a dry sense of humour and will seem constantly bored with the world.
Powers/Abilities: Warren is pyrokinetic, meaning he can control and manipulate fire, and appears to have remarkable control over these powers. He can intensify them to a point that they are so bright it is hard to look at, but keep them from burning his clothes. Also, he seems to be able to control them to the point that wehn they hit somebody, the person doesn't burn, as happens to the Coach during Save the Citzen. His flames also seem to have the ability to melt metal. With his ability of pyrokinesis, Warren appears to have a level of invulernability, being able to get up and walk easily after being thrown through 5 reinforced walls.
Canon Point: End of the movie
Character Journal: This one.

~*Writing Sample*~
First Person: [*So this was new. Well, not entirely, not like he hadn't been randomly transported to the middle of nowhere before. Some of his father's associates had never really learnt what 'boundaries' meant. Still, wasn't like he didn't know what to do. First, try to work out if you recognise the place. Which he didn't. Okay, so unknown town, lots of people around... time to do this the old fashioned way*]

So where the hell is this place?


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